• What is the range of a baby monitor?

    BT has announced the launch of what it claims is the UK’s first voice-controlled Smart Baby Monitor, connecting with both Alexa and Google Assistant. BT’s first ever Smart Baby Monitor, which is available on the BT Shop, is the latest in a new range of BT Smart Home products.
    Available in both a 2.8” and 5” colour video screen, the BT Smart Baby Monitor enables parents to ask Alexa or Google Assistant to play a lullaby, report back on the temperature of the baby’s room and turn motion detection on and off.
    Customers can watch live HD video streaming, take photos and record footage direct from the camera to their smartphone – giving them peace of mind and a chance to share those special moments with friends and family. Customers can also use the two way talk back to be part of the bedtime routine when away from the home.

    BT Video Baby Monitor 6000

    This top-rated monitor comes with a bunch of useful features like two way audio so you can soothe baby from another room, there's also a portable parent unit and temperature display. Best long range baby monitors
    The camera allows you to tilt and pan to have full view of your baby and the two-way audio allows you to talk and listen to your little one from another room, and infra-red vision will help you check on your child through the night without having to enter their room.

    Summer Infant panorama 2.0 digital video monitor

    The high resolution screen gives you a clear and crisp image, multi-screen function and if you want to add more cameras to the expandable system you can.
    The integration with Alexa and Assistant means that users will be able to use the monitor to play their child a lullaby, report back on the temperature of a room or turn motion detection off with the power of their voice.
    And for those worried about the potential privacy dangers of streaming video through the baby monitor, BT indicates that footage is encrypted and protected with the Advanced Encryption Standard.


    Oricom also has larger monitors, with a 3.5inch and 4.3inch display available with the 850 or 860 models. Both monitors include a larger range of camera movement, as well as room temperature display and alert for increased safety. The 860 also come with a touchscreen parent unit, which comes with more options and features for a better night’s sleep for both you and your newborn.
    Its introductory audio model, the BM1000, operates on DECT technology, with the baby unit operating on mains power, while the parental unit can operate for 14 hours on batteries, with recharging capabilities. Other features also include multiple volume levels, with alerts for low battery and out-of-range warnings.


    Schedule on and off time of your 1080p-FHD resolution ip camera for each day of your week. Turn off the blue status light or set a pin (FaceID on devices with FaceID) to lock your house camera. You can set to receive video and photo footage with your activity alerts.
    Advanced sound analytics detect abnormal sounds like baby cry or shattering glass. Use as reliable baby monitor with camera and detection abnormal sounds between 50 dB and 90+ dB. That’s from regular conversations up

    Cameras will see more than ever
    Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are making for seriously smart cameras. One of the best examples at CES was an app called Smoke Detective, which turns camera-enabled devices like smart phones and baby monitors into smoke detectors. The app uses AI-enhanced algorithms to detect smoke even faster than conventional smoke detectors. Given the fact that alarms fail to sound in nearly half of all house fires, this app could help save countless lives and prevent billions of dollars in property damage.
    Homeowners will breathe more easily
    Indoor air quality is one of the next big targets of smart home tech. Aura Air, an all-in-one air purification system, starts by monitoring the air in your home for things like smoke, allergens, and volatile organic compounds. It then uses a five-stage purification process to remove those toxins. Its on-board voice assistant also alerts you to serious issues, such as carbon monoxide, and gives instructions on what to do.








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